You know how Warner Bros. have many wierd shows like: Looney toons,Tom and Jerry,And Popeye? well there is a lost episode of Animaniacs and it was too dark for children it was never released!

The episode was episode: 33 it began like this!

Yakko was walking somewhere, And Wakko was with him the thing i noticed was the third character was missing!, the 2 characters were walking the opposite way of the veiwers. towards them!. but the thing was! wakko had a live action red hat and real life hands and sounded like he was crying and his eyes were red around the iris, And show yakko in a tree and falls but dosen't happen cause the screen fades to black. then you hear moans coming from Yakko and Wakko is screaming quietly then the moans get louder as if the mic. was broken then shows a live action sequence of Dot jumping on a bed and opens the closet and dissapears after that it goes back to Yakko and Wakko now they are angry at eachother at a hospital with a doctor character operating on Yakko and Wakko is amused to keave the room and Yakko's upper lip is tearing, His gums are red dark red. And his teeth are bleeding and Wakko was crying then

Everything gets blurry and the doctor is screaming, the screen is black agian! i almost laughed cause after all the madness Wakko had no eyes! and shows a clay clip of Dot's skin ripping up then showed Wakko with no eyes agian i was laughing cause he also had a live action mouth saying "i like pancakes", Yakko is alone without Wakko. this time the quality is 10 times worse then before, then shows a sequence of Dot reading a girl's magizine the sequence was in HD 1080P quality, then pinky is eating Dot alive and sucks her up like a spaghetti noodle. then shows pinky with a very small human nose, Then shows Yakko walking up to to his house and opening his door, The quality was good but a very badly piano was playing, the only audio in this scene was him making his way throught his room, the last scene from this episode was he opens his closet Then Wakko appears out of his closet to the floor! then the credits came on they were in russian and with 15 minutes of static then the next episode began in production.